An alternative to Paint, Wallpaper can truly bring out the elegance and sophistication of any Residence like no other material can.

From Victorian and Classical to the Contemporary Abstract look, our inventory offers exactly what you have envisioned your house, condo or a loft to be.

The proper application of wallpaper is a delicate procedure. Before applying the material, a thorough inspection of the walls is performed. We check for moisture, surface stability, chalky old paint and any other imperfections.

wallpaper-room81Once the preparations are complete and the necessary repairs are performed, the surface is ready for the undercoating. Undercoating acts as a primer between the wallpaper and the surface, after which the bonding agent is applied and the transformation begins.

Colour For You is proud to be associated with some of the top European and North American designers of wall coverings. Please contact us for further assistance with all your Wallpapering needs.